It’s Going Down columnist and Antifa doxer ‘GothBotAlice’ revealed: Heidi Lightenburger of Denver, Colorado

Disclaimer: The Justice Report utterly denounces the act of “doxing” and recognizes it as a tool widely used by bad actors to intimidate, harass, and divide communities for strictly dishonest purposes. The subject of the following article is so prolific in its anarchist activities, however, that we feel morally and ethically compelled to report on their identity. Our communities deserve the right to know about the individuals they might share space with.

Denver, CO – The identity of an infamous antifascist researcher, serial doxer, and columnist responsible for It’s Going Down’s “This Week In Fascism has finally been revealed. Thanks to recent infighting within Antifa on the social media platform Twitter—stemming from the alleged mistreatment of a transgendered anarchist—the Justice Report was able to confirm the identity of GothBotAlice as none other than “mental health” advocate and trust fund beneficiary, Heidi K. Lightenburger of Denver, Colorado.

Antifa doxer and It’s Going Down columnist Heidi Lightenburger aka “GothBotAlice.”

Lightenburger would prove to be an instrumental part of the Antifa “news” network It’s Going Down—which receives funding and support from the George Soros media company, the Pacifica Foundation. Under the anarchist pseudonym GothBotAlice, Heidi K. Lightenburger has been attributed as the columnist behind “This Week In Fascism,” a series of “news” articles that proliferate doxes, character smears, covers street activism, and chronicles online gossip inside the “Fascist” and “antifascist” scenes.

While IGD News and “This Week In Fascism” pretends to be an objective news organization, Lightenburger often uses the platform to make sweeping statements and generalizations that paint her right-wing counterparts as violent maniacs worthy of contempt. In one article, Lightenburger openly encourages fellow leftist extremists to “monitor, infiltrate, and disrupt” what she considers “neo-Nazi organizing” across the United States. She also engages in tortious interference, publishing workplace phone numbers and social media accounts of those who are doxed and urging readers to harass employers in an effort to get them fired from their jobs.

Heidi K. Lightenburger encourages readers to call and harass businesses to get working-class people fired from their jobs over opposing political beliefs. Screenshot: This Week In Fascism

In one article dated January 11th—penned in the wake of the pro-Trump January 6th protest—Lightenburger appears to openly advocate for violence against right-wingers. Alongside “doxing” and “investigations,” Lightenburger proposes that Antifa readers capitalize on their “vigor” and “anger” and promotes a strategy of what she calls “militant antifascism.”

“Militant antifascism has proven to be a powerful tactic against far-Right organizing. Antifascist work is rooted in community,” said Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice. “We’ll need to continue to organize and confront fascism in the streets so that fascists do not get comfortable in our communities.”

Lightenburger’s incitement to violence and her commitment to leftist-extremist militancy appears to have been successful. In the small amount of time since her declaration was published on IGD News, leftist-inspired violence has only surged in cities like Portland, OR, Madison, WI, Atlanta, GA, Tampa Bay, FL, New York, NY, McHenry, N.D, Los Angeles, CA, Nashville, TN, Lightenburger’s own Denver, CO, and countless other cities.

Lightenburger also has an incredible presence on the social media platform, Twitter, and operates multiple accounts, including @s0fterror, @EspeciallyHeidi, and @deusexketamina. Under her now-deleted Twitter account, @GothBotAlice—which had amassed well over 12,000 tweets since its creation in May of 2020—Heidi Lightenburger would regularly share the identities and personal photographs of pro-White advocates to politically oppress those she disagreed with.

In other instances, she would use the platform to encourage her 4,000+ followers to financially support Antifa criminals who were serving time in prison, some of which were convicted of crimes like firebombing and arson. She would generously label these domestic terrorists as “political prisoners.”

Collage of archived Tweets from Heidi Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice that share doxes, fundraise for Antifa convicts, advocate the sharing of prescription medication, and direct followers to engage in harassment in real life. Photo: Twitter

Lightenburger, aka GothBotAlice, is a researcher herself and often combs the internet to exploit social media posts, photos, and comments of everyday people in an effort to maliciously “expose” them online. In one Twitter thread, Lightenburger would proudly announce her infiltration of a private online chatroom belonging to Boulder Colorado’s anti-homeless group “Safer Boulder.”

“We need to use our vigor and our anger to keep those around us invigorated as well…We will need to continue the research, infiltration, and interruption of far-right organizing. Doxxing and investigations are just a small part of this.”

Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice – This Week In Fascism

Once inside the chat, she would go on to dox 15 completely non-political members of Boulder’s working class for the “crime” of merely being concerned about the city’s homeless issue. She would later publish her baseless research as proof of “racism” and “transphobia” in a small blog called Safer Leaks.

The Investigation

The Justice Report’s investigation into the identity of GothBotAlice began on Twitter, where one user, @acesari_cuntifa, began a series of tweets calling out a fellow antifascist user, @deusexketamina, over alleged instances of “dead-naming,” “transphobia,” and abuse, which appears to have spanned over a months-long sexual relationship. In a pinned thread featured at the top of the @acesari_cuntifa account, the user openly, and repeatedly refers to @deusexketamina as “Heidi Lightenburger.”

Sadie Farrell Twitter account @acesari_cuntifa. Photo: Twitter.

“Hey Heidi Lightenburger @deusexketamina, respond for once in your cowardly life,” read the initial Tweet. “You would rather transphobicly(sic) fail dox & forcibly define thru deadname your ex girlfriend then(sic) admit you were abused by a woman.”

While at first, the lengthy Twitter threads posted by this random leftist might appear difficult to follow, it turns out that @acesari_cuntifi is actually the alt-account of the violent, transexual Antifa street activist, Sadie Farrell, aka Peter Soeller. Soeller is a prolific anarchist rioter who was present at the now-infamous J20 riot, and one of those who participated in violence during the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

In the thread, Soeller would go on to cast ire onto Heidi Lightenburger for maintaining close ties with and socially defending fellow Antifa big-shot, Christian Exoo aka AntiFash Gordon. The infamous Antifa doxer is currently embroiled in a high-stakes lawsuit and mired in sexual assault allegations. The rift between the ex-lovers also seems to reveal a growing fracture between two factions of antifascism: the “on-the-ground” black bloc activists and the NGO-sponsored “researcher” class that operates online.

Peter Soeller (left) and transgender alter-ego “Sadie Farrell” (right). Photo: noblogs.

Soeller specifically calls out NGO’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center, personalities like “Gwen Snyder,” and Talia Ben-Ora, and organizational accounts like Torch Antifa, “WizardAFA,” and “Karma161” for not being real antifascists. Instead, Soeller insists their work is now mainly “geared toward liberalism & assimilation” and for grifting cash from big donors.

“Forget selling out to the SPLC, you created your own unpaid all-volunteer one,” said Soeller via Twitter. “It’s all geared toward liberalism & assimilation now…The only antifascists that still stay true to their values & thus you can actually trust are your local OTG (on the ground) anarchist crews.”

Peter Soeller taunting Heidi Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice via Twitter.

Antifa infighting aside, the Justice Report was now armed with a name: Heidi Lightenburger, and after conducting research, we were able to locate and identify the person named in Soeller’s Twitter rant. Our search first led us to the Denver Post, where a 2014 article revealed a “Heidi Lightenburger” as a program coordinator for the now defunct Carson J. Spencer Foundation, a non-profit that specialized in suicide prevention.

Heidi Lightenburger (left) posing at a mental health lecture during employment with the Carson J. Spencer Foundation. Photo: Twitter.

By narrowing our search, we were able to uncover a plethora of photos, videos, and social media posts which showcased Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice as a Colorado-based lecturer for mental health care. More importantly, it gave us a voice sample. In a series of suicide prevention lectures posted to youtube under the account “Jess Stohlmann-Rainey,” Lightenburger can be clearly heard discussing suicide prevention and tips on how to deal with mental health issues.

“Militant antifascism has proven to be a powerful tactic against far-Right organizing.”

Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice – This Week In Fascism

Conversely, In a 2020 podcast with the Antifa streamer “Commie Con,” Lightenburger can be heard once again, continuing to give her expertise as a mental health and suicide prevention expert, this time under the alias of GothBotAlice. For further proof, Lightenburger’s voice can also be heard during a GothBotAlice appearance in episode #137 of This Is America, an antifascist podcast hosted on It’s Going Down.

The tone, pattern, and cadence of GothBotAlice’s voice in both instances are a direct match with Heidi Lightenburger’s. The Justice Report has provided the below sample so readers can judge for themselves.

For further proof, in an 8-year-old youtube video on the channel “Sally Spencer-Thomas“, Heidi Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice can be seen with two other individuals named “Jess” and “Tom,” friends Heidi made while attending the University of Northern Colorado. Once again, the voice is a direct match to GothBotAlice’s Antifa podcast appearances, and once again, the subject of the discussion is mental health. The video can be seen below.

GothBotAlice can also be heard in a more recent appearance on a weekly antifascist program titled the “Final Straw.” In the video, dated Aug 9, 2021, Heidi Lightenburger can be heard discussing “disability Justice,” and the “prevalence of movement misogyny” in antifascist “currents.”

Heidi Lightenburger’s contributions to the cause of antifascism are thoroughly centered in a supporting role as a would-be Antifa therapist and highly-online doxer. Her social power, reach, and online clout she once wielded as GothBotAlice was, nevertheless, quite significant.

A March 2021 Tweet in which GothBotAlice confirms a career in “mental health.” Screenshot: Antifawatch.

But who exactly is Heidi K. Lightenburger? While she may paint a pretty picture as a communistic, tough-as-nails Antifa fighting “White supremacy” across Colorado’s Front Range, in reality, she’s nothing more than a privileged member of the trust fund elite, originally hailing from a small town on Colorado’s predominantly White, Western Slope.

Profile of Anti-White Hate: Heidi Lightenburger

Colorado native Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice was born in 1988 and raised in the 90.38% White Dolores, Colorado, a town of 885 people as of 2020. From 2003-2006, Heidi would attend Dolores High School, and from 2006-2011, she would be enrolled in the University of Northern Colorado and graduate with a liberal arts (English) degree. Then, from 2014-2017, she would buy her master’s degree in “public health” online through Capella University.

Heidi Lightenburger (left). Photo: Twitter

She would then find employment with the Carson J. Spencer Foundation as a “Community Outreach Coordinator” before the NGO ceased operations on June 30, 2017. Much of Heidi Lightenburger’s work history and personal social media presence appears to be meticulously scrubbed, and her last known employment is listed as a peer support specialist for Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners, an NGO that “exists for no other reason than to make life better for the citizens of Colorado.”

Heidi fled the small, White, town of Dolores to live in Colorado’s more diverse and densely populated Front Range. Her journey from small-town rich girl to leftist-extremist city-dweller could only have been made possible, however, through her family’s incredible wealth, amassed under Lightenburger patriarch, Henry Don Lightenburger.

Sadie Farrell, aka Peter Soeller (Left), Henry Don Lightenburger (Middle), Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice (Right). Photo: Twitter / Obituary

Henry Don, who passed away in 2019 after a tragic bout with pancreatic cancer, was a talented engineer by trade and worked in a Beech Aircraft plant in Longmont, Colorado. Despite a groundbreaking opportunity that allowed him to help innovate the development of rocket fuel, he quickly switched focus and bought several properties and businesses. Eventually, Don owned multiple Best Western hotels all across Colorado. His prominence in the hospitality industry grew to such an extent that he ultimately served on the Best Western International Board of Directors in 1991.

In 2001, Heidi would accompany Don Henry to a Montezuma County Board of Commissioners meeting to adjust the valuation of one of their properties to 2.8 million dollars. In 2020, the Don Lightenburger Trust sold just one of its properties for 1.6 million dollars, according to the Daily Camera. Don’s hard work and dedication to success ensured that his family could live in a state of perpetual comfort long after he passed.

Heidi K. Lightenburger during a mental health lecture. Photo: Twitter.

Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice also has relations to the now-retired Dawn McCabe-Lightenburger, a key member of local politics in nearby Cortez, Colorado. Dawn was once the town of Cortez’s Executive Assistant and was featured in the Durango Post covering an award of $27,000 worth of public funds to be issued to charitable NGOs.

At some point during her time spent inside the radical leftist echo chamber of Denver, Colorado, however, Heidi Lightenburger ultimately squandered Henry Don’s legacy and morphed into the Antifa extremist, GothBotAlice. Her tireless devotion to being an agent of anti-White hate in the online realm would ensure her a spot as an author for the notorious Antifa website, It’s Going Down. As a featured columnist, she would breathlessly pen article after article covering the minute details of various “fascist” personalities and organizations—none of which could ever hope to match the personal wealth, power, and privilege of someone like Heidi Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice.

Heidi Lightenburger admitting to being chronically suicidal and having had three prior abortions in a Tweet defending the controversial practice. Photo: Antifawatch.

When she wasn’t writing for IGD News, she was hard at work maintaining a sizeable Twitter account that buddied up to many of the larger, more organized Antifa networks. Once her identity had been revealed by her transsexual ex-boyfriend, it is likely she panicked and deleted the account. Many of her now-deleted tweets revolved around doxing pro-White activists and everyday people for their common sense politics, however, Heidi Lightenburger would sometimes treat her Twitter account as a diary for her more angsty, depressive thoughts and disgusting personal issues.

A collage of gross & depressing tweets from Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice. Photo: Twitter

Heidi Lightenburger, like many so-called antifascists and anti-capitalist activists, will hide behind a thin veneer of altruism and positive language in order to mask their desire for violence, retribution, and sadistic mockery of right-wing political dissidents. Despite a wealthy upbringing and a near limitless potential, Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice of Denver, Colorado, ultimately decided to wander down the path of militant leftist extremism, waging a top-down war against the White working class, and serving as a freelance spy during the fleeting days of America’s empire.

While it remains to be seen what will happen to Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice of Denver, Colorado, the Justice Report urges pro-White dissidents, right-wingers, and patriotic Americans to be cautious when traveling through these areas. Lightenburger also has deep family ties on the opposite end of the Centennial State, near her hometown of Dolores and Cortez. This article will continue to be updated as new details emerge.

Heidi K. Lightenburger aka GothBotAlice gloating over her anonymity. Screenshot: Twitter.

The violent, leftist-extremist organization known as Antifa has long attracted the sons and daughters of America’s most rich and powerful into its black-clad ranks. In March, an antifascist “lawyer” and “legal observer” for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Thomas “Tommy Tonsils” Jurgen, was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism for his alleged participation in a violent riot that erupted at the construction site of a Police training center dubbed “cop city.” Alongside Jurgen, the transgender “daughter” of a millionaire executive, James “Jamie” Marsicano, and the son of a millionaire Italian designer, Mattia Luini, were also arrested under the same charges.

In January, 22-year-old Francis ‘Frankie’ Carroll, was arrested and charged with domestic terrorism for his alleged role in a riot that took place in the wake of the justified police shooting of fellow Antifa member, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. Carroll—whose family owns a yacht—is the son of a prestigious surgeon who grew up in a $2 million palace in the 99% White Kennebunkport, Maine.

In December of 2022, a Justice Report investigation revealed that disgraced ex-journalist Hilary Sargent was the brainchild behind the notorious doxing blog and Twitter account, the “Anonymous Comrade Collective.” Sargent, much like Heidi Lightenburger, was raised with considerable privilege as the blue-blooded daughter of a wealthy clinical psychologist and architectural firm founder. She is loosely related to the renowned English landscape painter, John Singer Sargent, and her brother is George Sargent, the millionaire CEO of the advertising company, Arnold Advertising.

Update 4/10/23: The Peter Soeller/Sadie Farrell account, @acesari_cuntifa, has now protected his Tweets and changed his bio to reveal that “GothBotAlice = Heidi Lightenburger.”

Update 4/11/23: This article has been updated to include new sources and additional information and to report that Peter Sorell’s “@acesari_cuntifa” and Heidi Lightenburger’s “@s0fterror” accounts have now been deleted. This development confirms that the Justice Report’s original findings were, indeed, factual.

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