The Antifa files: how a leaked ‘Antifa’ chatroom revealed guns, gangs, and grooming in the Palmetto State – Part I

The ‘Antifa Files’ was made possible in part by extremist Discord leaks published by our friends at the William McKinley Institute. The leaks in their entirety are now publicly available and can be accessed here.

Charleston, South Carolina – A private online chatroom, composed of a broad coalition of various antifascist organizations fighting for what they call “transgender liberation,” has suffered a catastrophic leak.

Thanks to a bombshell trove of compromised data and chatroom member logs—made publicly available by the anti-White hate monitor, the William McKinley Institute (WMKI)—the Justice Report was able to profile dozens of formerly “anonymous” antifascists and have composed our comprehensive findings into a series that we’re now calling: the Antifa Files.

The data, which originated from a Discord chatroom that had been scraped by an anonymous source, belongs to a transgender extremist group titled “Organize Against Transphobia (OAT).” While OAT portrays itself as a plucky youth movement dedicated to “fighting transphobic legislation” in the state of South Carolina, leaked communications revealed a stark contrast between the violent ideology of its members and OAT’s politically correct mission statement published online.

Promotional material for “Organize Against Transphobia” often includes blatant antifascist imagery.

In reality, the deeper the Justice Report’s team of investigators, researchers, and citizen journalists dug through the leaked chats, the more it became apparent that OAT was merely a clique of several different anti-White extremist groups operating under one banner. Those participating in OAT’s Discord include card-carrying members of organizations like the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), People’s Army Antifa (PAA), the heavily armed John Brown Gun Club (JBGC), the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), and many, many more.

The leaked data made available by WMKI amounted to over twenty separate HTML files, each correlating with a different chatroom built into OAT’s overall Discord server. With topics such as “mutual aid,” “org building,” “in-person protests,” and “agitprop,” OAT uses the popular social media platform completely unabated, coordinating its activism while also holding lengthy discussions whose topics include how to source dangerous bathtub hormones, firearm training, and asking each other for advice on how to best convert curious minors in private messages.

Tim Johnson aka “Caboose” in the Discord chat asking other OAT members how to best assist a minor in transitioning via social media. Screenshot: Discord leaks.

Our discoveries were chilling but made worse once we discovered that OAT members had access to an extraordinary amount of top-down support. Using social media accounts and other publicly available information, the Justice Report was able to unmask the schemes of lawyers, activists, journalists, and non-profit functionaries all working together to offer their pro-bono services and advance OAT’s campaign of targeted anti-White harassment across America’s southland, and beyond.

In the first installment of the Antifa Files, the Justice Report profiles OAT’s most prominent activist, a young transgender crusader who represents the next generation of antifascist militancy. Meet Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford, the MtF son of a decorated Air Force Brigadier General with close ties to Antifa’s latest pet project: defending the Atlanta forest.

Organizing Antifa Terror

In 2022, a tide of legislation hoping to scale back the growth of bourgeois transgender rights issues—hoisted onto the American public by virtually every institution—began sweeping through predominantly red states. The bills, many penned by mainstream conservative politicians, were considered by some to be a lethargic reaction to mounting public outrage, which had become too loud and unruly for elected leaders to ignore.

Organize Against Transphobia was formed in response to these kinds of “anti-trans” bills now being considered in the state of South Carolina. According to its website, OAT proudly declares itself a movement dedicated to “fighting transphobic legislation” with the goal of “trans and queer liberation.”

Various Organize Against Transphobia activists at “Queer Youth Fest.”

Since its inception, OAT has used the thin veneer of humanism to justify an anarchist lifestyle, engaging in counterprotests to pro-White activism, organizing the targeted harassment of conservative students, harassing working-class parents, and heckling public speakers at college events. Sometimes, their twisted politics lands them in muddy ideological waters, like when they once squared off against Jewish conservative Laura Loomer, who they bizarrely labeled a “nazi.”

According to OAT’s website, the pro-trans advocacy group operates under a set of what they call “points of unity.” While some points may appear standard for your average leftist group, point of unity number two briefly opens a window into their true intentions as an organization.

“We do not condemn the tactics that individuals in this movement choose to use to oppose queerphobia and transphobia…A diversity of tactics is key to our liberation.”

Organize Against Transphobia, Point of Unity #2

The phrase “diversity of tactics,” is widely accepted as an anarchist dog-whistle for horrendous acts of violence, harassment, political repression, and even terrorism, in order to disorganize popular political resistance against the neoliberal status quo. Used to destructive effect in anarchist riots spanning the globe, it’s a strategy that depends on the convergence of both violent and non-violent methods and is discussed at length in numerous Antifa blogs, books, and intellectual papers.

Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford with a guitar covered in antifascist slogans and imagery. Photo: Antifawatch

OAT also prides itself on being a “non-hierarchical” organization, yet a cursory glance inside the leaked chat files proves the opposite. In fact, OAT is very hierarchical, with a clear circle of power formed around the chat’s two most prominent moderators and founding activists, Robin Hill of Atlanta, Georgia, and Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford of Charleston, South Carolina.

Fortunate Son

Ascending to the top spot as OAT’s chief organizer, is Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford. Hartford—who is Jewish by admission—is an amateur musician and avowed antifascist with ties to Charleston’s People’s Army Antifa and the more publicly approachable Carolina Socialists. According to social media accounts run by PAA, the anarchist group regularly shares the dox material of local pro-White activists and has happily posted ghoulish memes mocking the shooting death of White January 6th protestor, Ashley Babbit.

Using his experience as a member of PAA, Hartford would go on to orchestrate the dox of a conservative student attending the University of South Carolina. After infiltrating a Discord server belonging to the America First affiliated group, Uncensored America, Hartford clipped the contents within to draft an email urging administrators to expel the student purely for the content of his First Amendment-protected speech. Hartford then tasked fellow OAT members to help him proofread the email for maximum efficiency, and remarked that the conservative chatroom he infiltrated was “an open White nationalist space.”

Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford. Photos: WMKI, Discord, Facebook, ABC25 Columbia.

“Unironically, get your friends together and fight fash (tear down stickers, train, learn how to dox people) That’s all there is to being antifa,” proclaimed Hartford in a post dated April 22nd “If you showed up in the bloc, don’t tell people you were in the bloc…especially over Discord,” read another.

In addition to fellow OAT members, Hartford maintains close ties to several other prominent regional antifascist personalities, including Geoffrey Parsons and Lee Ana-Gypsy, both currently facing domestic terrorism charges in connection with the ongoing “Stop Cop City” movement, according to WMKI. In a series of posts, however, Hartford also admits to being close friends with one of three Antifa arrested for allegedly pinning flyers containing the dox material of an Atlanta cop on residential mailboxes.

In the posts, he bemoans how his “friend” has been placed in solitary confinement for only “handing out flyers.” His friend, who he describes as “an autistic black trans woman” would be none other than Abeeku Osei Vasall, the only individual who would fit the bill for the reported incident.

A series of posts made by Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford fundraising for the Atlanta Solidary Fund, an organization that Police have alleged is a criminal organization. Screenshots: WMKI.

The relations should come as no surprise. According to the leaked chats, Hartford’s support of the violent “Stop Cop City” movement often intersects with the transgender advocacy mission of OAT. Several times Hartford uses Discord to fundraise for the controversial “Atlanta Solidarity Fund,” a collective bail operation that arranges for Antifa rioters accused of domestic terrorism back out on the streets to cause more damage. In April, three of its key organizers were arrested for financial crimes, according to Police.

In OAT’s “medical resources” chat, Hartford directs others with links to online resources where fellow transexuals can make their own experimental bathtub estrogen recipes and how to safely inject them. “Yeah I’m using diy estradiol enanthate which can be injected subq or in,” he stated in one post dated May 7th. “This is my first day using it.”

In the chat, Hartford and other OAT members openly advocate for consuming these unsafe cocktails and appear to lionize drug culture as a whole. After posting a link that allegedly leads to a recipe for bathtub testosterone, one user points out that it may be illegal to do so. This prompts Hartford to suggest that users create a separate topic in the encrypted app, Signal, to continue the discussion away from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

Collage of various posts by Matthew Hartford promoting DIY hormone use.

In one discussion, Hartford and other OAT members appeared frustrated over nationwide backlash—specifically from Christians—to transgender acceptance and visibility. “I’m gonna try to explain the ideology here, I don’t believe this, but I was taught this as a child,” explained Hartford in a post dated January 26th. “These people believe the purpose and(sic) marriage is only to raise children…That’s why they’re against gay marriage and against gay people adopting. Our very existence challenges the way they see reality and that makes them scared.”

“Unironically, get your friends together and fight fash (tear down stickers, train, learn how to dox people) That’s all there is to being antifa”

Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford

Hartford’s persistent anti-White and anti-Christian bigotry appears to have formed despite a lavish upbringing in 71% White Charleston, South Carolina. The wealthy son of a United States Air Force Brigadier General, Darren E. Hartford, and a South Carolina-based realtor, Tina Bergfield Hartford, Matthew was raised in a predominantly Christian yet socially progressive household. Under their care, Matthew would go on to enjoy opportunities that most working-class people could only ever dream of.

Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford pictured with his father, Darren Hartford.

According to social media posts, Matthew Hartford was once a rising musical talent at the Crown Leadership Academy, an award-winning, prestigious K-12 Christian school, where parents are expected to pay upwards of $9,000 in tuition a year, according to its website. In a series of Christian music videos posted to Crown’s Youtube Channel, Hartford can be seen “jamming out” on his guitar in praise of Jesus Christ.

After graduating from Crown in 2021, he attended the University of South Carolina, where it is likely he met his counterpart, Robin Hill. On April 26th, however, It appears he stopped attending the school, and now spends his time working for Doordash and commenting about his transition into a woman via his Twitter account “autism creature.”

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“To be frank, they want to kill us no matter how we present ourselves. There’s not really a point to being respectful to fascists,” he asserted in a post dated March 23rd. “Violence against police. My favorite holiday heart react,” he also said.

In a sense, Matthew Hartford—rightfully—believes that without constant affirmation from the neo-liberal state, his paraphilic lifestyle remains under constant threat from populist rebuke. Therefore, his anti-White activities and involvement in multiple antifascist organizations are a justified measure to maintain the status quo and keep his delusions rolling.

Christian music video featuring Matthew Hartford playing guitar. Source: Crown Academy Youtube.

His commitment to the cause of anarchism, however, appears to clash with the esteemed military career of his father, Darren. According to the website for the United States Air Force, Brigadier General Darren E. Hartford dutifully amassed over 4,000 hours of flight experience piloting American cargo and refueling planes since he first enlisted in the armed forces in 1989. Darren’s most prestigious position, however, was when he landed a post as the 29th Commandant of the National War College, a comprehensive military institution whose mission is to “prepare future leaders of the Armed Forces, Department of State, foreign Military officer(s) and other civilian agencies for high-level policy command…”

As a part of Darren’s responsibilities, the decorated officer was placed in charge of drafting academic policies and ensuring “excellence in teaching” the next generation of American warfighters. Under General Hartford’s tutelage, U.S. servicemen, commanders, and other military intelligence personnel were trained with a singular goal in mind: thrusting a Zionist bayonet deep into the hearts of perceived enemies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. At one point, he was honored for “exceptionally meritorious conduct” during the global war on terror and awarded one of the nation’s highest honors, the Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster.

Air Force Brigadier Generals earn well over six figures annually. Photos: Facebook, Wikipedia.

For his dedication and servitude to an American empire that has killed 4.5 million people in overseas wars since 9/11, Darren now enjoys the fruits of retirement alongside his converso wife while selling his unique set of killer instincts as an independent strategic consultant. Brigadier General Hartford also owns and operates the Oliver & Pluff Company—a ritzy artisan beverage shop that regularly extols the virtues of colonial America. All of this is done, of course, while his son-turned-daughter uses the immense privilege of his regime servant upbringing to advance full-spectrum anti-White hatred together with his gang of fellow paraphiliacs.

“Fuck every cop, fuck every prison, fuck every judge,” proclaimed Matthew Hartford in a post dated May 1st.

Matthew’s reprehensible statements come on the heels of a recent uptick in assaults, violent riots, and even fire bombings stemming from the confluence of radical transgenderism and anarchist extremism of yesteryear. At its tamest, evidence of this particularly virulent strain of anti-White terror can be found in minor scuffles, like In April, when a TPUSA photographer was assaulted at the University of Buffalo by a masked radical. The identity of the alleged attacker was concealed for months until they were finally unmasked after an independent Justice Report investigation.

A still from a Christian music video that Hartford was once a part of during his time at the Crown Leadership Academy. Photo: Youtube.

At its most furious, however, the violence can take on a much deadlier form, like when two members of Antifa were indicted for throwing a powerful improvised explosive into a group of individuals outside of a Conservative speaking event at the University of Pittsburgh. The damage would have been nothing, of course, compared to a now-foiled plot by a suicidal, Colorado-based transsexual whose alleged goal was to turn his hometown into a modern-day warzone. Citing communism, anti-Trump sentiments, and other traditionally left-wing politics, the suspect lionized school shooters and planned on unleashing a bloody rampage across working-class America, per his handwritten manifesto.

It is unknown if Matthew “Cyprus” Hartford of Charleston, South Carolina, will continue to pursue a life of street activism, drug use, and anti-White extremism like many Antifa in order to gain anarchist clout online. What is certain, however, is the true intentions of OAT: retribution against the normal through a “diversity of tactics,” and the continued proliferation of anti-White hate.

Matthew Hartford’s outing as the privileged child of a regime operative follows a familiar trend common with anti-White extremists who suddenly lose their cloak of anonymity. In April, a Justice Report investigation revealed the infamous Antifa columnist GothBotAlice—who regularly promoted the idea of street militancy to suppress pro-White political speech—to be a wealthy, Denver-based trust fund kid, Heidi K. Lightenburger. In May, the Justice Report revealed that Caroline “Charley” Hart Tennenbaum, an anarchist “Stop Cop City” organizer who was denied bail for their role in allegedly doxing Atlanta police officers, was married to a national security data scientist employed with the U.S. Federal Government.

Stay tuned for part II of the Antifa Files, where the Justice Report—alongside our friends at the William McKinley Institute—profiles the other half of Organize Against Transphobia’s young leadership and reveals the most powerful tool in their antifascist toolbox.

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