Phone dropped by ‘battered’ Irish ‘Antifa’ reveals journalist collusion

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Coolock, Dublin – A family-oriented anti-immigration protest came under attack after a group of anti-White extremists launched a failed ambush, sources say. But when a cell phone was dropped by one of the attackers, Nationalists would later use it to uncover systemic collusion between local “Antifa,” and Irish and UK journalists.

The incident began on Saturday during a protest outside the Crown Paints Factory in Coolock, the future site of a migrant plantation capable of housing up to 1,000 non-White “refugees.”

When members of the Antifa movement arrived and were subsequently asked to leave due to the presence of women and children, the Antifa were said to have attacked the group, according to reports. In the aftermath, one of the retreating extremists dropped their unlocked phone.

A collage of videos taken after “the Battle of Coolock,” in which Irish Antifa failed to remove citizens from a peaceful migrant plantation protest on Saturday. The video shows the names and text messages of mainstream journalists and other far-leftists, hinting at systemic collusion between both parties. Collage: Telegram.

Pro-Irish nationalists were then able to unearth a trove of personally identifiable information on the attackers and their allies, including names, text messages, and telephone numbers. The data would connect local Antifa to Irish and English journalists, NGO activists, Muslim religious leaders, and even political party reps.

Among those listed in the phone logs appear to be Aisling Moore, Ross Leahy, and Lochlainn Harte, imaging manager of Newstalk, leftist extremist Charlotte O’Sullivan, Darragh Adelaide of People Before Profit, and others.

The phone obtained by nationalists in Coolock revealed a stunning connection between mainstream journalists, NGO figures, and other people of interest and militant Antifa. Collage: X/Twitter.

The phone also appears to contain a video of mainstream media journalist Paul Connolly, also of Newstalk, in an unidentified room alongside other Antifa members. The group can be seen taking a marker to deface Irish flags with anti-White slogans in preparation for a counter-demonstration. Connolly would later be accused of assisting Antifa in Coolock with the intent of filming an upcoming documentary about “far-right extremism” in Ireland, with the help of local activists.

“Connolly had interviewed a number of Dublin locals, with some even bringing him into their homes,” read a post on X, formerly Twitter. “Paul Connolly, AntiFa, possibly the UK documentary maker, and other far-left activists arrived in Coolock wearing masks in an attempt to agitate for trouble, intimidate locals and set up the fictional “far-right” in front of national media, Gardaí and politicians.”

Umar Al-Qadri, chairperson of the Irish Muslim Council (left), Journalist Paul Connoly, and Darragh Adelaide, a representative for Ireland’s People Before Profit, all appear in a cell phone dropped by an Antifa street militant in Coolock on Saturday. Collage: Justice Report.

“They had plans to use the footage, interviews, and media coverage for their far-right documentary and also to discredit concerned citizens as “far-right,” it continued.

Additionally, the name of Umar Al-Qadri, chairperson of the Irish Muslim Council, was also present in the phone call history. It is currently unknown what relationship Al-Qadri had with Antifa specifically, but nationalists are still digging through the data at this time.

Meanwhile, the fight and subsequent capture of an antifascist cell phone has since been labeled “the Battle of Coolock” by Irish nationalists, with videos showcasing both the phone and the attack going viral on social media. Michael Brazil, aka The Irish Git, hailed Antifa’s defeat in Coolock an “important” victory and warned against further attacks against peaceful protests.

“There was meant to be a protest in Dublin today because of the forecasted bad weather. So the traitors were planning to agitate and cause havoc in Dublin so they could get their stories and headlines for the Sunday papers about the big bad far right,” said Brazil in a video posted to Telegram. “Well, it backfired, and it always will.”

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“The truth always comes out in the end, eh? It’s important to say bit by bit, and one by one, you are all going to pay for your crimes against the Irish people,” he continued.

The independent Irish media outlet, The Burkean—which was the first to chronicle the affair—called Antifa’s defeat “embarrassing” and believed it was a sign that anti-White street militancy was quickly coming to an end in Ireland.

“This embarrassing physical humiliation for the Left, along with the trove of info revealed, is the final nail in the coffin of street-level leftist organising in the 26 counties,” read the Burkean. “The time of “No Pasaran” has passed.”

The bombshell revelation—that antifascist street militants appeared to be supported and even taking direction from mainstream journalists—appeared to confirm what many had long suspected.

Michael Brazil, aka The Irish Git, a regular critic of anti-White extremists, would later speak out against the Coolock attackers Saturday. Video: @michaelbrazil Telegram.

A groundbreaking article by Irish counter-extremism researcher Dr. Eoin Lenihan in 2019 speculated that journalists across the Western world often provide favorable coverage to on-the-ground Antifa cells and their antics. Despite being engaged in abhorrent acts of crime, violence, and even terror, Lenihan’s research deduced that many national-level journalists would go on to use their platform to act as “cheerleaders” for the far-left.

Dr. Lenihan mentions some as having curious and intimate links to the anti-White extremism movement, including Guardian journalist Jason Wilson, HuffPo writer Christopher Mattias, and Patrick Strickland, a “far-right extremism expert” who focuses on Europe and Greece.

“Of all 15 verified national-level journalists in our subset, we couldn’t find a single article, by any of them, that was markedly critical of Antifa in any way,” said Dr. Lenihan in his findings, which studied data from 58,254 Antifa-associated Twitter accounts. “In all cases, their work in this area consisted primarily of downplaying Antifa violence while advancing Antifa talking points, and in some cases quoting Antifa extremists as if they were impartial experts.”

In the past, Journalists of different levels have been found not only supportive of the anti-White extremism movement, but also card-carrying members themselves. In August, an independent Justice Report investigation unmasked a series of five South Carolina-based journalists as having intimate ties to the violent, anti-White Trans-liberation cell, “Organize Against Transphobia.” The group was found to have ties to illicit homemade drug use, weapons stockpiling, paramilitary drills, and Marxist-Leninist book clubs whose leader admitted to targeting young children for leftist indoctrination.

Infographic: White-Papers Policy Institute

The incident at Coolock, however, comes amid a worsening national situation for Ireland, whose government continues to willingly invite thousands of third-world migrants inside its sovereign borders. According to the White Papers Policy Institute, 141,600 immigrants arrived in Ireland between the years 2022 and 2023, with net migration increasing by 50% in just one year. Demographic replacement of the native Irish is expected to cost taxpayers roughly 500 million Euros in order to care for so-called “refugees.”

Savage acts of violence and other unacceptable crimes have become common with non-White residents of Ireland. In November, a series of nationalist-led riots broke out across Dublin, after an Algerian national had reportedly carried out a mass stabbing attack. The suspect was said to have deliberately targeted children as they left a primary school, sparking a crisis of confidence in a government believed to be complicit in the demographic replacement of its native citizens.

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