Terror-linked SPLC guts staff despite nearly billion-dollars in reserve

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Montgomery, Alabama – The terror-linked Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), known for maliciously targeting right-wingers, has officially gutted a quarter of its unionized workforce on Wednesday.

The move comes amid claims that the social justice non-profit has nearly a billion dollars of wealthy donor funds held in reserve.

The mass layoffs were first announced by the SPLC’s Union on X/Twitter, which claimed the firings would have a “catastrophic impact” on the organization’s mission to “dismantle White supremacy.” The union itself confirmed the loss of over 60 members, five union stewards, and the Union’s chairperson.

Members of the SPLC Union staged a protest against the non-profit’s ironic mistreatment of Black workers, who they claim were not allowed to work from home when White employees were. The SPLC claims that only a small fraction of its workforce at the time qualified for a WFH position. Photo: SPLC Union Facebook.

“Make no mistake – laying off dozens of employees, many of whom were Union activists, less than a year before we will bargain our second contract was no coincidence,” said the SPLC Union in their online statement.

“How will today’s layoffs help us achieve our goals of fighting hate, decarcerating Black and Brown people, defending democracy, and eradicating poverty? The answer is: they won’t,” it continued.

The SPLC describes itself as a “monitor” of “hate and antigovernment extremist groups” in the US and has been mired in controversy for decades. Its factually dubious interactive “Hatemap” has previously labeled entire religions as a hate group, has erroneously listed some groups altogether, and was even accessed by a confessed terrorist to carry out an attack on a Christian pro-life center in 2012.

In 2022, one of its employees was even charged with domestic terrorism after he was implicated in a fiery riot tied to the now-dormant “Stop Cop City” movement in Atlanta, Georgia.

Members of the SPLC’s now decimated union include antifascist “researcher” Jeff Tischauser, criminal bail advocate Katie Glenn, and the New Orleans-based Esteban Gil, a program director who once attended online contract negotiations dressed like Fidel Castro. Gil, who was pictured sitting in front of anarcho-communist flags, is a self-described “syndicalist” who once petitioned the SPLC management for better food options and championed the embarrassing hashtag #NoSnacks.

SPLC Program Director Esteban Gil of New Orleans once LARP’ed as a Cuban revolutionary during video contract negotiations with management over pizza and ice cream in the office. Photo: National-Justice.

The layoffs were said to “functionally eliminate” the SPLC’s Learning for Justice department, an indoctrination wing that seeds American classrooms with “anti-racist” curricula. Additionally, 16 members of the Southern Immigrant Freedom Initiative were terminated, a cell that provides lawyers access to illegal immigrants detained in places like Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Journalist Hannah Gais, one of the SPLC’s so-called “hate monitors,” bemoaned the terminations, pointing to evidence of a sizeable war chest that something may be amiss.

“Speaking in a personal capacity, I endorse each and every single word of this statement from our union,” read a post by Gais on X/Twitter. “An organization with this much money has no excuse.”

“They have more money than God in comparison to virtually any nonprofit out there! I think it’s pretty safe to assume this was an executive management call, not a financial one,” read a post by Antifa journalist Jared Holt.

The motivations behind the layoffs remain unclear, but some have speculated that it could be to purge the organization of its more radical, pro-Palestine elements and shift away from the anti-Zionist baggage of the extremist left.

“The (SPLC) was already irrelevant prior to Oct 7 due to it becoming a partisan liberal organization that attempted to harass mainstream conservatives and Christians with the same vigor it went after White Nationalists,” said pro-White political commentator Mike Peinovich on Telegram.

The SPLC’s Megan Squire (right) holding the corner of a banner belonging to the infamous John Brown Gun Club, an armed militant cell of “Antifa.” Left-wing extremists often falsely equate Israel’s actions in the Middle East as manifestations of White Supremacy, despite its ethnic Jewish makeup. Photo: Antifawatch

“…After Oct 7, the Jews that fund these kinds of orgs have shifted priorities to doxing and harassing leftist Gaza protesters, while going after (White nationalist) and racist right-wingers have taken somewhat of a back seat,” he added.

“…Why should Jews waste nearly a billion dollars that is far more useful gathering interest in a bank than it would be paying people who are reluctant to go after the targets they want?” He continued. “The people that work for such orgs are simply mercenaries for Jewish power, and if they don’t want to do the work, then there is no reason to pay them.”

Even leftists expressed concerns over the layoffs, worrying that a weakened SPLC would lend more credence to its Zionist counterpart, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Its pro-Israel CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, has come blow to blow with Antifa over their pro-Palestine advocacy, specifically on the emergent battlegrounds of US college campuses.

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“The SPLC is basically the only voice with mainstream recognition other than the ADL doing research on white supremacy,” said Jimmy Rothschild, a community organizer for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, on X/Twitter. “Another effect of these disastrous layoffs will be to give more attention and legitimacy to ADL’s morally bankrupt analysis of oppression.”

Evidence of the SPLC’s workforce having pro-Palestine views is out in the open. On posts to its social media pages, the union asserted that it “stands strongly” in solidarity with Palestine, just days after the widely successful Hamas military raid on October 7th.

“SPLC Union is and will always be rooted in the legacy of anti-oppression and decolonization led by Black and Indigenous leaders,” read the post. “With that in mind, SPLC Union stands strongly in solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

A statement made by the SPLC union announced its strong support of Palestinians in Gaza. Their principled stance against genocide may have led to their eventual gutting by SPLC management in June of 2024. Photo: X/Twitter.

“What we see in Gaza is the violent imperialist desecration of a people – the beginnings of a genocide,” it concluded.

Additionally, the SPLC sparked controversy when Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais— two prominent so-called “extremism researchers” with the SPLC—signed on to a pro-Palestine open letter published on October 26th.

“We stand with [Gaza’s] anticolonial struggle for freedom and for self-determination, and with their right to resist occupation,” wrote the signatories.

The statement further alleged, “Israel’s war against Gaza is an attempt to conduct genocide against the Palestinian people” and that “Israel is an apartheid state, designed to privilege Jewish citizens at the expense of Palestinians.”

By signing onto this open letter, Hayden and Gais would appear to violate the terms of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism, which alleges that those who “claim the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” to be itself an antisemitic act.

In response, Hayden would later claim that the article was a “racist attempt” to target him and that any “attempt to conflate my concerns about Palestinian rights with supporting Hamas is cowardly and vile.”

He added that he has “made considerable sacrifices to undercut the activism of American antisemites.” This, of course, amounts to doxing nationalists in America and others opposed to the status quo.

Michael Edison Hayden—who is half Egyptian—split from the SPLC in December 2023 under “unknown circumstances.”

Former SPLC Spokesman Michael Edison Hayden (left) was photographed inside the famous VDARE castle in Berkely Springs, West Virginia, during a holiday event. Hayden is infamous for targeting right-wingers for their protected political speech and may have been let go due to his pro-Palestine views and half-Egyptian ancestry. Photo: Daily Beast.

In a request for comment by the Justice Report, Hayden claims he left his prominent and lucrative position as “Senior Investigative Reporter and Spokesperson” for the SPLC—which he held for over 5 years—to instead focus on an upcoming book titled “Strange People on a Hill.”

When asked if his Egyptian ancestry or documented history of pro-Palestine views played any part in his sudden and unannounced departure following October 7th, Hayden refused to engage the subject and cut contact.

While the real reason behind Hayden’s split with SPLC is unclear, leftwing journalists of Arabic descent have reportedly faced termination for their race and political stance. In October, three Arabic news anchors were said to have been “quietly taken out” from multiple MSNBC news programs, just days after the onset of October 7th.

The SPLC’s termination of a large part of its unionized workforce highlights the widening divide between pro-Palestine leftists and their Jewish backers.

By purging many of their extremist employees, the Jewish community is sending the message that expressing anti-White hate alone is not enough to be an “ally.” In order to retain status, one must now also be a full-throated supporter of the regime in Tel Aviv.

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